Saturday, 14 March 2015

Why all the fuss? PAX's rules on "Booth Babes"

I used to post my opinions about issues and articles that regularly circulate around in the cosplay community. I just got tired of getting emotional and sharing the controversy so I stopped. But It's been a long time and I have a lot of new followers that might want to know where I stand on certain issues. There's an article by going around about PAX's rules on "booth babes". Some of my friends have come out to comment on this article taking a stand against PAX. You can read about PAX's rules on their website.

My opinion? I support PAX but with reservations. The writer of the article is up in arms about the subject but the tone of his writing makes me think he's upset he can't view the "sexy cosplayers" not because he cares about women.

"Booth babe" is a derogatory term and I don't like it used to describe models or cosplayers who are hired because they are beautiful and attractive. PAX states that they are referring to both genders in their rules but when have you ever seen a man dressed provocatively at a booth to attract attention to it? So boo on PAX and boo on the writer.

Basically PAX has deemed it necessary to give booth staff a dress code. I honestly don't have a problem with this as conventions are attended by hundreds of children not just adults. If conventions want to remain a family friendly environment they need to show their attendants that they care about sexually explicit content.

When your working a booth you are being employed by a company as a sales person. It's a professional job, you should dress like a professional.

That being said, PAX's statement on the matter is confusing. PAX's new rules also refer to booth exhibits and contents being offensive and reason for staff to change their attire. "If for any reason an exhibit and/or its contents are deemed objectionable to PAX management, the exhibitor will be asked to alter the attire of its staff." It makes no sense. If the exhibit and content offends then staff have to change their attire?

But if this means what I think it does then Hallelujah! PAX is trying to take a stand against booth exhibits that show overt sexuality (which is unfortunately mostly female) in their products, exhibit and staff attire. I think this is a good thing and it begs a conversation on a much broader topic of the use of women's bodies to sell products. In lieu of this rant I'd like to share a different article. One that I've shared before and wholeheartedly agree with: The Sexy Lie: A TED Talk by Caroline Heldman

If you agree or disagree with me I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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