Sunday, 2 June 2013

How to Make Skyrim Armor: The Saviors Hide

Reference Photos

Hi! I am back with another How-To for a Skyrim set of armor. This time it is the Saviors Hide. It only consists of a fur, chain mail, and plate metal curiass. There are no matching gauntlets, boots or headgear so I am selecting other bits of armor from other sets that I think will look good with this.

A detail shot of the teeth and chain mail around the collar, of the Saviors Hide Armor.

I made a video tutorial of my sewing progress with the fur so far.

The fabric pattern I made for the top fur shrug.

So far: The top fur and loin cloth.
Edit: Sept 26th 2013. I have now built the breast and back plates. The video below is a little slideshow of my progress.

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