Saturday, 4 January 2014

Skyrim Dovahkiin in the Saviors Hide Armor // Photos by Viktoria Haack and Desiree Marie

(Edit January 8, 2014)

Back in November two photographers, Desiree, Viktoria, and I drove into the back country to find a nice Skyrim looking scene as the backdrop for these photos. Not hard since everything is covered in snow. I just completed this set of Worbla armor and since my next con isn't till April a photo shoot was in order! These photos were taken by:

All that gorgeous chain mail was made by Glen at Grimwurks Propmaking. He made it exactly like the screenshots I showed him of the Savior's Hide. Awesome work!

(Jan 4, 2014)

Photography by Viktoria Haack of
Model and costume maker is me, Beebichu
Universe: The Elderscrolls V Skyrim.
Character: A Breton Dovahkiin or Dragonborn as you will.

I am wearing the Helmet of the Old Gods, Saviors Hide, Ancient Nord Gauntlets (with modifications) and Dragonscale Boots. Weapons of choice: Torch and Dragonbone Bow.

The location of this shoot was interesting. Lots of snow, birch trees, frozen lakes, it was really lovely. Oh and the truckloads of drunk hunters yelling at us and offering to "help" was fun. Is there no where in the Canadian wilderness you can go to escape drunk hunters? They've been around in all the outdoor shoots I've done. 

Changes were deliberately made to the design of a few things due to the cold weather during this shoot. Please don't comment on how wrong some of the items are, believe me I know.

PS Click here to see how I made the Savior's Hide :)

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